Upgrade Your Electrical Infrastructure For a Greener World Of Energy

Enhance your energy, eliminate complexity, and meet your sustainability goals, efficiently and effectively, with microgrid technology

Powering Sustainable, Resilient, and Reliable Energy Infrastructure

Access a more resilient and cleaner energy supply with simplified energy investments along with lower electricity costs.

By generating your own electricity on-site, you can take control of your energy and get the outcomes you need, to meet your business and sustainability goals. Operate your business with a superior solution maintained by experts and drive optimum revenue. GreeNext delivers multiple layers of reliability through an integrated and connected energy infrastructure.

"GreeNext delivers versatile technical architecture suitable for various sites and applications to ensure greater power reliability, efficiency, and sustainability".

Advanced Architecture Enabling Versatile Applications

GreeNext’s technical architecture makes it suitable for a variety of versatile applications- Both Green Field and Brown Field.

Power your Business through Microgrids

Combining local energy production, storage capabilities, and local energy consumption points, microgrids deliver greater reliability on-site and improve energy balance in the smart grid.

Why Opt for Microgrids?

Today, organizations of all kinds are turning to microgrids and distributed energy resources for financial and sustainability benefits. Any organization seeking to gain control over energy costs, advance sustainability and increase resiliency can benefit from a microgrid. They offer comprehensive benefits like:

The GreeNext Edge – Clean Energy Microgrid

Meet the specific power needs on a variety of different scales and gains financial advantages as the system can be suited to a variety of needs and budgets.

Based on the capacity of a site, GreeNext’s microgrid solutions are scalable and can range from kilowatts to levels of megawatts. With Microgrid and DER (Distributed Energy Resources) technologies you can avail of a cost-effective, resilient, and secure supply of sustainable energy and operate in parallel with the grid.

GreeNext provides innovative Microgrid solutions to better manage and integrate DER technologies in electrical power distribution systems that enable you to make the most out of your energy infrastructure.

Find out more about how you can upgrade your energy infrastructure to deliver the best opportunities for you and your business.

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