Embrace the Transformation And Achieve Your Energy Outcomes

Customize and implement a plan to help you overcome energy challenges and meet your business goals with EaaS

Why Energy-as-a-Service?

EaaS is an outcome-based model and eliminates development and operational risks. A team of industry experts design, build, operate, and maintain the microgrid for you under a long-term contract. In the process, we enable you to utilize an alternative source of energy that is cost-effective, sustainable, reliable, and resilient at a predictable, agreed-upon price.

Through our expertise, we optimize the installation, operation, and maintenance of the system to ensure your energy infrastructure is always optimal.

EaaS converts what would have been a long-term capital expenditure into a short-term, standard operational expense when weighing an investment in a microgrid. At GreeNext, we ensure that the project doesn’t affect the capital for your core business by enabling your energy transition from design to application.

Benefits of EaaS

GreeNext will utilize pre-engineered standardized microgrid technology, which increases deployment speed, that will distribute solar power and come with integrated, digitally optimized batteries to store energy, providing an additional layer of reliability.

Outcome Focused

Giving you the cost-effective, sustainable, and resilient energy you need to run your business with a competitive advantage.

Digital Experience

Best-in-class asset management and clear runtime updates on system and performance.

Long-term Partner

Energy experts who are with you long-term to meet your business and sustainability goals with no upfront capital, no risks, and no burden.

Price Predictability

Budget properly with locked in rates that will be predefined.

Industry Expertise

We design, build, own, operate, and maintain it all, backed by industry leaders in technology and financing.

Optimized Investment

Free up valuable capital for other priorities and needs.

Energy-as-a-Service, we handle every step of the process.

EaaS gives you energy control, irrespective of your industry

Commercial Real Estate

Businesses benefit from turnkey EaaS solutions that are cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable all with no upfront capital investment.


Help your factory cut costs, decarbonize, increase resilience, and meet your ESG goals.

State and Local Government

Discover how GreeNext can help solve historical challenges with energy resilience, and electrical infrastructure with forward-thinking solutions.


Hospitals and health care facilities need reliable energy solutions to ensure the continuum of care. Microgrids provide reliable, and resilient on-set energy when it matters most.

Higher Education

The next generation deserves the future of energy. See how GreeNext can support a positive ROI by delivering sustainable, reliable electricity.


Warehouses and distribution centers essential to industries can run much better with smart, sustainable GreeNext solutions.