Begin Your Journey Towards Sustainable Energy

Access a more resilient and cleaner energy supply with simplified energy investments along with lower electricity costs

Gain Comprehensive Control of Your Energy Infrastructure

Energy costs continue to rise every year and are anything but predictable. Managing your energy infrastructure can be an expensive endeavor with large and continuous investments throughout. We deploy pre-engineered standardized energy infrastructure that enables greener and cleaner energy through flexible control and management of DERs. GreeNext delivers end-to-end turnkey services as a part of EaaS that gives you the flexibility to operate and manage different sources of power based on your infrastructure.






Sustainable and Resilient Energy-as-a-Service

With Energy-as-a-Service, you can get the energy outcomes you need to run your business. Find out how you can own a grid without large upfront investments.

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Make the Transition to a New Energy Model

Efficiently control and manage multiple distributed energy resources based on your needs. Find out how we can help you with Sustainable, Resilient, and Reliable energy.

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Driven by the Vision of a Greener Future

GreeNext is the vision of Schneider Electric and Temasek brought to life. Together, GreeNext aims to help accelerate the renewable energy transition by removing the upfront capital barrier and providing green, efficient, reliable, and uninterrupted energy.

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